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We are René Uyttebroeck and Anik Verschueren and together we are the creative minds behind Fotostudio Uyttebroeck – Verschueren. We established the studio in 1988 as a result of our similar view on photography and background.

René studied photography at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Brussels after which he did an apprenticeship at the renowned Denise Bourbonnais in Paris. Then he moved back to Belgium and worked in an Antwerp based photo studio for three years.

Anik studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp whereupon she started her career in a studio located in Antwerp for four years. 

We have formed a multi-faceted and complementary duo for the past 30 years and intend on doing so for the years to come. Our creative and communicative way of working in which listening is key has paid off and led us to work with several brands, companies and people of which some well-known.


At the Fotostudio we are specialized in every conceivable aspect of publicity photography; from packaging to billboards or portraits, in studio or on location.

We offer a total package which implies dealing with the entire production hassle. We take care of location hunting, casting and booking models but also choosing accessories and clothing. Of course we retouch all the photos as well and add the finishing touches to the final shots. In sum, we service you from start to finish while taking every detail of your request into consideration.


We are also very proud of the venue of our beautiful photo studio. It is located in the city of Antwerp and in particular in an authentic industrial building dating from the early 1900s. It is characterized by its iron skeleton frame, footbridge, large dome ( that can be dimmed ) and lovely inner courtyard. It reminds you of a smaller version of famous places like “Het Pakhuis” restaurant in Ghent or the “Delvaux” studios in Brussels.

Our venue cannot only be hired as photo studio but also as a location for all sorts of events